May 20, 2012

"My goal is to run 1,000 days in a row"

For the May health resolution, Kehres Health has challenged you to move a mile for 30 days in a row.

Steve Rose has completed that goal… multiplied by 27!

Currently on a streak of 383 days, Steve is working to hit 1,000 days in a row. He says there are both physical and mental benefits of running.

Originally from Essexville, Mich. Steve, 25, ran for Essexville-Garber High School and then at Alma College (which is also my alma mater, Go Scots!), where he holds the record as 5th fastest in the 800m race.

Steve says, “For the most part I found running every day to relieve some of the stress from my day. No matter what, it's something you have control over. You can go fast or slow and basically anywhere that you want. Nobody's telling you what you have to do and that's what's great about it. On my easy workout days I like to go slower than usual and take scenic routes to just enjoy myself.

“Running is indeed something I look forward to every day. It's my specific me-time. Even if I'm with a group of people (like my high school kids), I know I'm out there for myself.”

Currently residing in Alma, Mich., Steve is the Head Diving coach for Alma College, a Life-Guard Supervisor and an Assistant Track Coach for the Breckenridge High School team.

His previous record was running 815 days in a row, but had to stop due to injury. However, he came back from a torn esophagus that required a two week hospitalization and several months of recovery before he could run again.

“The hardest part about running every day is forcing yourself to get into the routine that no matter how you feel or what you have to do, there is always time to squeeze some sort of run in even if only a mile. That dedication to yourself turns into a routine that you don't even think about anymore,” Steve said. “It just becomes part of your daily life. It gives you a reason to get out there and exercise and see your surroundings.”

“And of course, it's just plain fun.”

Good luck Steve on reaching your goal of 1,000 days of running in a row, Kehres Health is cheering for you!

Steve Rose running track at Alma College in Michigan

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