January 21, 2012

Witchery, by Dr. York

This article, Witchery, is by Dr. Rebecca York of York Chiropractic in Bay City, Michigan. Be sure to check out her blog yorkwellness.blogspot.com and her new site bohograce.com.

Dr. Rebecca York
So a patient tells me yesterday, "I've had this back pain for years and I've tried everything! Prescription drugs, ibuprofin, physical therapy and now they want to do surgery. My daughter suggested I see a Chiropractor. I'm so desperate, I'll try anything!" I was annoyed. Not at my patient, but with the world.

You see, this world is a strange, crazy place. We make poor choices in our lives and health, create sickness and disease and then turn to drugs and surgery for treatment. This is completely acceptable and normal in our society. In fact, this dogma is so "normal" that if you don't follow this culture, you are considered alternative, an outsider, crazy wacko or hippie. Case in point: Home birth. Birthing your children is natural. Women are designed and meant to give birth. In fact in a world of nearly 7 billion people, add a few more billions for those already deceased, birth is about as frequent, normal, ordinary, and naturally occurring as dirt and trees. But, somehow over the last 75 years, women have become dis-empowered and are now unable to birth their own children. Now women need intervention, supervision, drugs, monitors, tests and treatment. Which directly correlates with the invention of such tests and machines. (Cha-ching!)

Now in rare -- and I mean RARE occasions (i.e. fire burns, amputations, near death experiences, horrific car accidents) we are all grateful for such emergency treatment and intervention. But, our first choice for our lives and health should be self-empowered holistic, natural and nutritional preventative wellness care. And clearly, drugs and knives and medical intervention and treatment should be the last step. Absolutely the Last. Desperate. Step.

York Chiropractic
In other words: In today's modern terms our society still believes in witch-trials and Chiropractic is witchery. Those same ridiculous fears of "something different" are just as alive today as it was in the 1600's. And after three children born at home, I can attest, everyone in America scared to death about birth and are sold on the idea that only safe place to birth is at the hospital. You see, with my home-birth, breast-feeding, anti-vaccine choices, society is afraid and burns me at the stake.

Isn't it funny and deeply ironic that when we are self-empowered, make our own choices, especially outside-the-normal choices, and simply trusting ourselves... we are deemed crazy? But, when we give up our power, fore go our own self-healing, dismiss our own capabilities and abilities, turn our minds, choices, and lifestyle over to the government, god, medical profession, drugs, surgery, it is completely acceptable? As if we are not worthy of our opinion and choices. We must do what-every-body-else-is-doing to be part of this society, or else, you will be burned at the stake. Or for now, you'll simply be considered a last "desperate" resort. We are, indeed, a crazy, crazy world.

So here is what we do: 1. Things that are natural, non-invasive, and self-healing, consider that your first priority. Consider things that involve drugs, knives, a diagnoses as last and desperate resort. 2. Question what "everyone else is doing." Just because "everyone else is doing it." Doesn't mean it's right. Case in point: There were many Nazi's.

Live Well! 

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