May 29, 2010

Health on the Go

Having cravings during the middle of the day can lead you to the vending machine for an unhealthy snack. These foods are easy to take with you and have numerous health benefits! Remember to buy organic as much as possible.

  • Peppers: A very low calorie snack that’s loaded with vitamins C, A and K. You can eat them just like you would an apple. Be sure to wash them thoroughly if not buying organic as they are one of the most pesticide contaminated vegetables. 
  • Avocados: An absolute superfood, avocados are loaded with healthy fats, fiber and lots of other nutritional benefits. They are great to peel with your finger or a knife and eat just like you would a push pop. 
  • Tomatoes: Did you know that tomatoes are actually berries, but were ruled a vegetable by the supreme court in 1893? Eat tomatoes like a fruit, raw, making them a great on the go snack that is loaded with cancer fighting lycopenes and anti-oxidants. As lycopenes are absorbed better with fat, enjoy tomatoes with healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados or nuts. 
  • Cucumbers: Containing high amounts of water and nutrients, cucumbers are also a very alkalizing vegetable which can help regulate your body’s pH balance. Take a peeler with you and eat them like you would a banana! 
  • Raw Nuts: As nuts are full of healthy fats and don’t need to be refrigerated, they make a great snack since they contain a lot of calories in a single handful, (but they are good calories don’t worry). Just make sure not to over eat as the calories will really start to add up. You can take nuts anywhere you travel, but be sure to be conscious of people with nut allergies as they may be life threatening.


  1. What does 4 pitchers from Rick's every Friday night for 2 years mean for your health? And stopping at Bell's Pizza for 4 slices with ranch and parmesan?

  2. Haha, It means changing the devastator beer mug into a vegetable shake mug to make up a few years!