March 8, 2010

What’s in Your Fridge?

Set yourself up for healthy eating success by stocking your fridge with the right food. When hungry, people typically just grab the first thing they see. When you stock your fridge with healthy food, you are more likely to eat healthy.

As mentioned in the video, replace processed butter or vegetable spread with ghee. And substitute coconut milk for regular milk in smoothies. To learn more watch the video.

Click here to learn more about shopping for healthy foods.


  1. Your refrigerator was full of green veggies, that you like to make into shakes. What is your take on eating fruit?

  2. As far as fruit goes I personally stick to eating mostly berries as they are loaded with health benefits and typically have less sugar than other fruits.

    The problem with fruit is that it does contain a lot of sugar and people will maintain their sugar cravings by replacing other foods with fruits.

    So in order to reduce or eliminate your cravings I'd suggest eating minimal fruit until they are gone and then slowly adding certain fruits like berries back into your diet.