February 24, 2010

Modern Day Hunter Gatherer

Thousands of years ago, humans had to hunt and gather food. Today, we still have to hunt and gather – but in a much different sense than we used to. For example, with a little searching you may be able to buy free-range organic eggs from a local farmer or find minimally processed stone ground bread in the freezer section at your local grocery store.
To quickly navigate through a grocery store to find the healthy options, avoid the middle of the store. Grocery stores are typically set up with all the very processed foods in the main aisles and the healthier foods around the outskirts. At first it may seem overwhelming and expensive but before too long you will be spending less time shopping and probably even less money than you were before.   
Here are a few examples of where I gather my food:
•Meat - Amish, hormone-free meat from a locally owned meat market. I go to Ted’s Meat Market in Saginaw (5660 Bay Road).
•Vegetables - locally grown vegetables when in season from the farmer’s market, otherwise I buy organic produce from larger grocery stores.
•Eggs – Dorothy at Jen’s work brings in eggs from the chickens she raises. They are free-range, organic and hormone free… for just $1.50 a dozen. Check with local farmers for healthy eggs at a very affordable price. It is pretty neat to buy eggs from a place where you can actually see the chickens roaming around the fields.
•Nuts – Target has Archer Farms brand raw, unsalted nuts.
•Coconut Oil – nearly every local health food store has coconut oil (great for cooking and/or skin lotion). Lately, I’ve been getting it from The Purple Coneflower in Bridgeport (6228 Dixie Highway). 
Spend a little extra time hunting for healthy food and you can become a modern day hunter gatherer, and avoid becoming a food zombie.

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