January 24, 2010

Partners in Health - Haiti Earthquake Relief

In October 2008, I went to the Dominican Republic on a chiropractic mission trip. There was a group of about 100 of us that worked in the areas around Puerto Plata and adjusted thousands of people.

Many of the people I visited were Haitian people that left their country hoping for a better life in the Dominican. Visiting these villages, I met some of the kindest people, living in third world conditions. I cannot even imagine the conditions they came from in Haiti, or what their country is going through now after the earthquake.

From now until February 7th, 10 percent of all supplements and protein powder sales at Kehres Health Products will go to Partners in Health, a non-profit providing health care to thousands of people in Haiti. Founded by Dr. Paul Farmer, a Massachusetts native and Harvard graduate, PIH has ten hospitals throughout Haiti.

To learn more about PIH, visit www.pih.org.