January 20, 2009

President Obama Agrees, Alternative Medicine is Mainstream

Alternative Medicine is Mainstream recently ran in The Wall Street Journal and talked about how alternative medical care needs to be in the forefront in our future national health plan.

President Barack Obama said in his health plan, "This nation is facing a true epidemic of chronic disease. An increasing number of Americans are suffering and dying needlessly from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and HIV/AIDS, all of which can be delayed in onset if not prevented entirely."

Our "health-care system" is primarily a disease-care system and is one of the worst systems of any industrialized country. Last year, $2.1 trillion was spent in the U.S. on medical care, or 16.5% of the gross national product. Of these trillions, 95 cents of every dollar was spent to treat disease after it had already occurred. At least 75% of these costs were spent on treating chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, that are preventable or even reversible.

In 2004, The Interheart Study followed 30,000 men and women on six continents and found that changing lifestyle could prevent at least 90% of all heart disease. Yes, you read it right... Lifestyle could prevent 90% of all heart disease!

Research is finally starting to catch up with the beliefs on which the profession of chiropractic was founded on more than 100 years ago -- our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves, given there is no stress or interference slowing this process. To achieve the maximal healing potential in our bodies we have to eliminate all forms of stress. These forms of stress come from interferences of the spinal cord, eating unhealthy, moving unhealthy and mental stress.
Until you eliminate all these forms of stress on your body you aren’t going to be able to function and heal at 100%.

President Obama also recognizes chiropractic will play a very critical role in the future health of the Unit ed States. 2009 is a year of change -- not only for our country, but also an opportunity for change for your health by taking it in your own hands.

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Picture compliments of: Martin Kozlowski, WSJ

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